VKR80 – The Best Of 2018

VKR80 The Best Of 2018 is a compilation with Vike Recordings’ 2018 best tracks. Tracks by Madaki, Andrea Salerno, DJ Alien, Evo and Joe Dominguez.

vkr80 best 2018 compilation

Release date: 03/12/2018

Artists: MadaKi, Andrea Salerno,
Evo, DJ Alien, Joe Dominguez

Genres: Techno, Deep House,
Minimal/Deep Tech, Melodic House                         

1. MadaKi – Land (Original Mix)
2. MadaKi – Guess What (DJ Alien Remix)
3. Andrea Salerno – Gundabad (Original Mix)
4. Evo – Acid Chicago (2018 Re-Edit Mix)
5. MadaKi – Flows (Original Mix)                                                                  
6. DJ Alien – Analogic Love (Original Mix)                                                       
7. Joe Dominguez – Hammer (Original Mix)

Other info: this release ranked 71st on Beatport’s Minimal/Deep Tech Top 100 Releases chart.